Tillage Equipment

Square 5 Bar Flex Harrow

Several Sections 5 Bar Flex Harrow. Price is Per Section-Choice.

Square Allis Chalmers 1300

(2) Allis Chalmers 1300 Field Cultivators, 30', Flex Harrow, Choice Of The Pair.

Square Allis Chalmers 1500

Allis Chalmers 1500 Min-Till, 16', Tine Harrow.

Square Bear Cat Roller

Bear Cat Roller, 45', 15" Rollers.

Square Broemeling Harrow Cart

Broemeling Harrow Cart, 50', 5 Bar Flex Harrow, 5 Bar Rigid Lever Harrow.

Square Case IH Flex Till 600

Case IH Flex Till 600 Chisel Plow, 35', 3 Bar Tine Harrow.

Square Case IH PTX600

Case IH PTX600 Chisel Plow, 29'. Summers Tine Harrow, New Points.

Square EDKA Heavy Harrow

EDKA Heavy Harrow Cart, 72', 16 Bar Flex, 1000 Gallon Stainless Tank, 7 Section Boom Control, 3000 Total Acres.

Square Glencoe Soil Saver

Glencoe Soil Saver, 24', Hydraulic Folding Wings, Flex Harrow Not Included.

Square Glencoe SS7400

Glencoe SS7400 Soil Saver, 20' Width, Summers Tine Harrow.

Square Great Plains Rotary Hoe

Great Plains Rotary Hoe, 45’.

Square Harrow Cart

Shop Built Hydraulic Harrow Cart, 50', 7 Bar Flex.

Square Harrow Cart

Shopbuilt Hydraulic Harrow Cart, 50', 10 Bar Pepin Harrow.

Square Heavy Harrow

Shopbuilt Heavy Harrow, 28', 16" tines, With Lift Bars.

Square Horsch RT270

Horsch Joker RT270, 25'

Square International 490 Disk

International 490 Disk, 22', Blades Average 20 1/4" to 21 1/2".

Square International 800

International 800 Moldboard Plow, 10 Bottoms, Toggle Trip.

Square International Plow Bottoms

(5) Complete International Plow Bottoms, Spring Reset.

Square John Deere 2100

John Deere 2100 Ripper, 7 Shank, 30" Spacing.

Square John Deere 3710

John Deere 3710 Plow, 9 Bottom, Toggle Reset, Excellent Condition.

Square John Deere 637

John Deere 637 Tandem Disk, 38' Width, 9" Spacing on Front & Rear Gangs.

Square John Deere C20

John Deere C20 Field Cultivator, 28'

Square John Deere Disk

John Deere Tandem Disk, Manual Fold.

Square John Deere Plow

John Deere Moldboard Plow, 6 Bottom.

Square John Deere Plow

John Deere Plow, Converted To Split Back Tandem, 10 Bottom, 16". Rear Plow Bottom Will Be Replaced.

Square John Deere Rotary Hoe

John Deere Rotary Hoe, 50' Hitch & 24' Hitch.

Square Massey Ferguson Disk

Massey Ferguson Offset Disc, 20'.

Square Morris B3-36

Morris B3-36 Weeder, 36-, Multiples, 3 Bar Flex.

Square Richardson AE4345 Blade Plow

Richardson AE4354 Stubble Mulch Blade Plow, 35’.

Square Roller

15" Roller Sections, 5', 6', & 8' Sections.

Square Shopbuilt Harrow Cart

Shopbuilt Hydraulic Harrow Cart, 50’, Pepin Tine Harrow, Plus Additional Pepin Tine Harrow Not Mounted.

Square Sunflower 3691 Blade Plow

Sunflower 3691 Stubble Mulch Blade Plow, 45’.

Square Sunflower B21 Chisel Plow

Sunflower G20 Chisel Plow, 21, Double Fold.

Square Wil-Rich 2900

Wil-Rich 2900 Moldboard Plow, 8 Bottoms, Spring Reset.

Square Wilrich 2900

Wilrich 2900 Moldboard Plow, 8 Bottoms, Spring Reset

Square Wilrich 2900 Plow

Wilrich 2900 Plow, 8 Bottom, Spring Reset.

Square Wilrich 2900 Plow

Wilrich 2900 Plow, 15 Bottoms, Spring Reset.

Square Wilrich Chisel Plow

Wilrich Chisel Plow, 22', Double Fold.

Square Wilrich Cultivator

Wilrich Field Cultivator, 37’, Chrome Alloy Points, 5 Bar Flex Harrow.

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