Square 16.9 X 30 Tires

(2) 16.9-30 R1 Tires, Snap On Rims.

Square Firestone 380/90R46

(2) Firestone 380/90R46 R1 Tires & Wheels. Priced Each.

Square Goodyear 30.5L-32

(2) Goodyear Dyna Torque II 30.5L-32 R1 Tires & Wheels, 14 Ply, Brand New, Would Separate. 10 Hole Wheels, 11" Center Pilot , 7/8" Lug Holes, 5 1/8" Between Lug Holes, 13.25" Center To Center Across Lug Holes…

Square Goodyear 30.5L-32 Tires

Goodyear 30.5L-32 R4 Tires, 12 Ply, New Takeoffs With Wheels. 10 Hole Wheel, 11" Center Pilot, .788" Lug Hole, 4.10" Center To Center Between Lug Holes, 13.25" Center To Center Across Lug Holes At 180 Degrees….

Square Mitas 710/70R42

(8) Mitas 710/70R42 SFT Radial Tires, Low Hours, Priced Each, But Selling As A Complete Set.

Square Titan 480/80R42 Tires

(12) Titan 480/80R42 Radial R-1 Tires.

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