Combine Headers

Square Case IH 1015

1994 Case IH 1015-13' Pickup Header, With 7 Belt Pickup.

Square Case IH 2020

2005 Case IH 2020 Flex Head, 30', Auto Header Height, Adapter For 80/88 Series Combines, Pickup Reel

Square Gleaner 8200

2010 Gleaner 8200 Flex Header, 30' Crary Air Reel, Does Not Include Cart.

Square Gleaner Series II Header

Gleaner Series II Header, Narrowed To 20', Love Pea Bar, Cart.

Square International 810

1981 International 810 Header, 22.5', Love Pea Bar, Cart.

Square John Deere 925

1998 John Deere 925 Rigid Head, John Deere 5 Belt Pickup, Includes Additional 5 Belt Pickup, Does Not Include Cart.

Square MacDon FD70 Flex Draper

2012 MacDon FD70 Flex Draper Head, 40', Top Auger, John Deere Adapter, Transport Kit.

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