Sprayers & Fertilizer Equipment

Square 3-Point Suspended Boom Sprayer

3-Point Suspended Boom Sprayer, 72' Spray-Air Booms, 600 Gallon Poly Tanks, 5 Section Accuboom.

Square Apache AS1200 Plus II

2013 Apache AS1200 Plus II, 1140 Hours, 132' Booms, 9 Section Boom Control, Auto Steer, (2) Sets Of Tires.

Square Backpacker Cart

Backpacker Cart, 1600 Gallon Poly Tank.

Square Backpacker Cart

Shop Built Backpacker Bridge Cart, 500 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank.

Square Bestway Fied Pro IV

Bestway Field Pro IV Suspended Boom Sprayer, 1200 Gallon Poly Tank, 120' Booms, Raven Head.

Square Case IH 4420

2009 Case IH Patriot 4420 Sprayer, 2584 Hours, 120' Booms, Aim Command, Auto Boom, Boom Height, Auto Steer, (2) Sets Of Tires.

Square Chevrolet Spray Pickup

1977 Chevrolet Sprayer Pickup, Shows 71908 Miles, 454, Automatic Transmission, 500 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank, 80' Suspended Booms, 5 Section Boom Control, Teejet Head & Switchbox.

Square Dempster B3 NH3 Pump

Dempster B3 Anhydrous Ammonia Pump, Fresh Rebuild.

Square Fertilizer Shanks

Spring Coil Fertilizer Shanks, Several Available.

Square Flexicoil 67XL

Flexicoil 67XL Sprayer, 80', 1200 Gallon Poly Tank, 4 Section Boom Control

Square GMC 6500 Sprayer

1997 GMC 6500 Spray Truck, Stahly Body, 2720 Hours, Cat 3116 , Allison Automatic, 70' Booms, 1200 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank, Easy Boom & Auto Steer.

Square John Deere 1890

John Deere 1890 NH3 Applicator, 40', 12" Spacing Exactrix NH3 System, Weights.

Square McGregor NH3 Applicator

McGregor NH3 Applicator, 45', 1000 Gallon Tank, Triple Shoot, Floater Tires.

Square New Holland SF115

New Holland (Flexicoil) SF115 Pull Sprayer, 100' Booms, Wind Screens, 10 Section Boom Control, 1500 Gallon Poly Tank, Hydraulic Fold.

Square New Leader Dry Spreader Box

New Leader Double Duty Split Application Dry Spreader, Single Or Dual Product, Stainless Hoppers, Roll Tarp.

Square NH3 Backpacker Cart

NH3 Backpacker Bridge Cart, 1325 Gallons.

Square NH3 Tank

Stationary NH3 Tank, 12,200 Gallon Capacity, 265 PSI.

Square Rogator 854

1997 Rogator 854 Self Propelled Sprayer, 6202 Hours, 60'/80' Booms, 850 Gallon Tank, Raven Head & Switchbox

Square Shopbuilt Sprayer

Shopbuilt Wing Back Sprayer, 70', 500 Gallon Poly Tank, New 480/70R20 Tires.

Square Stainless Steel Tank

Spokane Metal Products Stainless Steel Skid Tank, 1500 Gallons

Square Top Air TA1600

Top Air TA1600 Suspended Boom Sprayer, 120' Booms, Auto Height, (6) Section Boom Control, 30.5L-32 R4 Single Tires.

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